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Modern Ballet Dancers

Dance Program

Dance is graceful, elegant, and controlled while encompassing the features of chaos and ambiguity. The duty of a dancer is to inflict emotion from the viewer through various genres that are multifarious themselves. A dancer can tell a story, define life, personify inanimate objects, and celebrate a culture or religion. The dancer has complete control over their body and manipulates the audience with movement.
Each student has a story to tell and sometimes words aren't enough. Music can help each performer get their message across, but putting a visual to melody can be more effective. For adolescents, dance can help express changes they are going through in a positive way. They will also enjoy themselves while learning more about who they are.
Physically, dance is an excellent source of exercise and is extremely rewarding for our health. Dancers will become toned and in shape by completing somatically demanding routines. Each student will learn how to maintain a healthy diet so they can continue to train productively.
Over time our dancers will find exactly what style of dance suits their personality. With this, they will grow to love what they do every day and learn from their teachers as well as other students that surround them. Dance builds character, individuality, courage, and confidence which are all qualities we all need in order to succeed. Plenty of Rhythm’s teachers will instruct students to manage their own success while working with others. It is important that we work together in order to grow.


The Foundation

Ballet was established in the 15th Century and was used for entertainment in European courts. This special type of dance is known for its beauty and grace. In this genre, students will learn terminology derived from French and Italian language. When students develop enough strength in their legs they will advance to pointe classes, which is dancing on the toes.

Image by Sergei Gavrilov


The Beat

Tap dance incorporates movement with instrumentation. Tap dancing is the combination of many different cultures and incorporates many different dance genres.

Old Tap Shoes


Push It

Jazz dance originated in African American history. This genre can be upbeat and combine various genres of music. Jazz dance has been combined with tap, kickline, and broadway styles of dance as well.

Blurry Image of Dancers


Contemporary dance is up for interpretation and uses movements that come from the center of the body. Contemporary is for the dancer who wants to portray a story of something living or non-living.

Dancer in Blue


The Words

Lyrical dance focuses on the lyrics of a song. Dancers will use ballet, jazz, and hip hop techniques to interpret the story of the song.

Hip Hop

The Street

Hip Hop was established in the 1970s and has taken over the world. Hip Hop incorporates music genres like rap, funk, and R&B. Dancers will learn how to pop, lock, and do tricks while expressing themselves.

The Words
Break Dance Crew


The Faith

Liturgical dance is used to help dancers express their faith through movement. Dancers will learn how to further their religious relationship.

Turkish Dance


The Motherland 

African dance is one of the most ancient forms of dance. The African dance style has birthed other genres such as Jazz and Hip Hop. Students will learn foundational steps that will be danced to traditional tribal music, and some of today's African songs.

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