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Ballet Dancers



How to register

Plenty of Rhythm's registration process if very unique. For first year students, call and schedule a time to sit speak with the artistic director. During this meeting you and your child will discuss what classes they will be eligible for based off skill and years of experience. You will also discus what your child wants to benefit from joining our school. After the evaluation period, you will start the registration process. Returning students will receive a notice that will inform parents what levels their child is accepted into.

Prices and Discounts

  • Non Residential: $40.00 a month per class

  • Residential: $30.00 a month per class 


*Students can apply as many discounts they are eligible for.

*Proof of eligibility will be required to receive discounts.

  • 5-10 Classes a week:10% discount on month tuition

  • 11 classes per week:20% discount on monthly tuition

  • Siblings(not cousins or other relatives): 10% off total monthly tuition

  • Members of Central Islip Music Department Groups: 5% off monthly tuition

  • Previous Students: 10% discount on monthly tuition

  • Boys enrolled in 2 or more classes: 10% discount on monthly tuition

  • Honor Roll Students: 5% discount on monthly tuition 

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